Saturday, October 7, 2017

Church Paintings

"Steeple" Acrylic on Paper, 2015
Here are some paintings related to church, people in church, and topics discussed at church.
The painting to the left is a study of a steeple in the morning light.
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The painting below is a parody of Leonardo's "Last Supper," commissioned in 2004 by a friend as a gift for her wedding party.  Each figure was painted to resemble a participant in the wedding.  The bride and groom are immediately to Jesus' right.  The final work had each participant's name above their head, as well as the date of the wedding in the space below the table.
"Parody of the Last Supper" Gouache on Paper, 2004

The next painting was created more recently.  It was printed on the cover of a church bulletin to compliment a sermon being preached about Moses' encounter with God on Mt. Horeb in the story of the burning bush.

"Untitled" Acrylic on Paper, 2017

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