Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dog Bed Design

"Bas Bleu" is currently selling a dog bed that I designed the artwork for.

I wanted to post some of the preliminary sketches and alternative designs to show a bit of my process.

I started by looking up lists of the favorite dog breeds of 2013 and producing sketches depicting those dogs.

Pugs, Poodles, and Dachshunds were all in the top ten.
The poodle above looked kind-of space-age or atomic, so I decided to have it reading some science fiction by H.G. Wells.
 Then I got it in my head to do something similar to a crest, but it quickly turned violent as the dogs began to fight over the book they were reading.
So, I tried something more peaceful that included several different dog breeds.

Eventually, the Editors and I decided to go with a more generic design, in an attempt to appeal to all dog lovers everywhere!  The initial sketch for that design is below on the right.
 Then we tried a few different colors, finally choosing brown.

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