Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thumbnail to Page

Every artist has a working method that is right for them, and, in terms of creating comics, I always start with a thumbnail. Usually, my thumbnails are extremely rough ideas created in my sketchpad.
My sketchpad thumbnails mainly serve to give me an idea of the characters, dialogue, and pacing of each page. Once I spew out all my ideas, I redo the thumbnail, taking composition into account and making any corrections to the pacing that I deem necessary. I also try to finalize the dialogue.

After the scene is completely thumnailed, I take it to a finish on a sheet of 11 x 17 inch bristol. I pencil it, ink it, and then scan it into the computer. Below is a finished page from my latest mini-comic, "The Adventures of Doctor Anton Flake, PhD. & Flimsy Whimper."
Sometimes it's fun and encouraging to look at the thumbnails of other artists. Check out the thumbnails of such luminaries as Will Eisner ("A Contract with God," "The Spirit"), Harvey Kurtzman("Frontline Combat," "Mad," "Two-Fisted Tales"), and Hergé("Tintin") and notice the huge leaps they take from thumbnail to finish.

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