Monday, March 1, 2010

"Mermin" by Joey Weiser: a Review

People of all ages know how it feels not to fit in, and, perhaps as a result of the institution known to us as "school," we all have common experiences to share about the awkwardness of feeling like a fish out of water. Mermin, the title character of Joey Weiser's forthcoming mini-comic series, experiences this feeling quite literally, for he is a green-finned, bipedal creature of the sea.

Washed ashore on an everyday beach, Mermin is found by some local children who befriend him and take him home. Much like Walt Disney's version of the little mermaid, Mermin is astounded at the new world of dry land that he has arrived in, or rather, escaped to.

Inevitably, the children take Mermin with them to school, where all sorts of chaos ensues as a result of Mermin's fishy appearance. Things get really surreal when Mermin goes to gym class, where he is forced to get in the pool. This is the scene where "Mermin" rises above various other sea-creature stories, for Mermin is AFRAID OF THE WATER!!!

"Mermin" is a powerfully appealing mini-comic experience, suitable for both children and adults alike. Weiser's pacing is flawless, and his cartoony style is enhanced in certain panels by textures reminiscent of indie-comics guru Drew Weing, the inker with whom Joey collaborated as a colorist on Eleanor Davis’s “Secret Science Alliance.”

Weiser is currently conducting a fundraiser to publish his next graphic novel, “Cavemen in Space.” If you would like to read “Mermin” for yourself, you can contribute to the fund. Eight dollars will get you “Mermin,” Issue One, and twenty-five dollars will get you a subscription to the complete series! You can learn more about the fundraiser or order your own copy of “Mermin” at Joey’s website,

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