Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last night, I found two great rubber stamp kits from my childhood;
"Fun with Hieroglyphics" and "Fun with Architecture."
I decided to break them out and play around with background designs pertaining to Project: Hendecalon. Above, you can see the pagoda inhabited by Captain X at the start of the graphic novel. It is a sort of monastery, where initiates learn KUNG-FU and Spirituality simultaneously.
The foreground of the drawing is a cemetery. All of the elements in the pagoda and its surrounding fence were stamped out with the architecture kit, and the hieroglyphic kit was used to decorate the gravestones.
While I hope to elaborate and improve upon the backgrounds stamped out with the kits, this exercise was a great reminder that "art" and "play" are not so far apart. Art is Play, and it is important never to lose sight of the enjoyment that art-making brings.


  1. This is great! I love the feel you got from this somewhat unorthodox manner. Very Nice.

  2. The stamps are really entertaining to work with, and they've helped me transition into building architectural models of my backgrounds. It's amazing where just doing art for fun can lead you!

  3. I kind of like the grimy look. I used to use stamps a heck of a lot when I was younger.