Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flying toward a Hendecalon Language

Lately, I've been working on a nonsensical language for the Hendecalons to communicate with. I am trying to take the English alphabet and abstract it to a point where the characters will no longer be recognizable. I particularly like the example above (discovered by scanning my sketchpad sideways) because it has a character resembling the Hendecalon eye at the top.

Above are some samples of my fumbling around, trying to make the letters more fluid. The word I chose to "translate" was the word ABSTRACT, a key adjective in describing the Hendecalons and their culture.

I got some positive feed back on my unnamed "flying eye" character, so the above is an effort on my part to push it further. I added a character from the Hendecalon alphabet to the sides of the body, possibly making the creature more cryptic. It kind of reminds me of the box from HELLRAISER. It might also make a great tattoo.

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  1. I love the vertical text thing at the top, Allen - very cool! It's looking great.