Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Backgrounds, Etc.

I've been delving into some research for backgrounds lately. The background is just as important as the characters themselves, and I have neglected developing strong landscapes for the characters of Project: Hendecalon to inhabit. Hopefully, I can discipline myself to eke out a few good landscapes that will ultimately help me when I start to actually draw my pages.

Here are some background designs for the pagoda that Captain X calls home in Project: Hendecalon. He is the runt of the Dojo, left always to do menial tasks and adhere to a strict disciplinary code. One day, he finds a ladder to the sky and quietly slips away.

Below, you can see some of the inhabitants of Planet Hendecalon, along with the buildings that pepper the landscape. The central figure was conceived as a sort of leader for the Hendecalons, but I think he is too humanoid to really fit that role.

Finally, here's a doodle of Captain X on the offensive!


  1. That Pagoda is awesome!

    I hope you can use that Hendecalon leader design for something else someday.

  2. Thanks, Chris!!!
    You are on the ball reading blogs!
    I'd at least like to use the head of the Hendecalon leader in some future designs.
    Thank you for commenting!