Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emily Maxwell at WonderRoot

Last night I attended a benefit opening for MINT Gallery, held at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center. WonderRoot is a truly impressive facility, featuring a darkroom, a computer lab, and a recording studio in addition to gallery and concert space all under one (formerly residential ) roof! I went to see the work of my friend Emily Maxwell, who had three large paintings and several small collages on display. Her boyfriend Fred and I chatted about our mutual interest in the Electric Light Orchestra, and he informed me that the terrible XANADU will soon be arriving at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. I am planning to move out of town. Emily's work was going like hotcakes, as it often does. Her art expresses both humor and femininity.
I also ran into some high-school friends, including Nat Slaughter, a local Sound Artist and a gifted bassist.
The Atlanta Glam-Punk band VERA FANG played, featuring a song based on the diary of Laura Palmer from TWIN PEAKS among other far-out tunes.

And a good time was had by all!

Emily Maxwell with her painting "Real Men Only Exist on T.V."

Sunni Johnson of VERA FANG, Emily Maxwell, and a representative of MINT Gallery.

VERA FANG rocks out!


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